Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

 Our wish for the new year is that there are fewer tears and more smiles.

As we leave 2013 behind, I'll share a few of my favorite grins with you. :)

In no particular order...

The Hope, Inc. Fashion Show.

Meeting Alfred Robles at the Stand-Up Revolution

Raising money for the animals. 

FINALLY getting to meet Lisa Green from KVLY. He's loved her from afar for years.

 Octoberfest... the wienerdog races were something new. Loud crowd enjoying beer samples and nervous pups. There were more shaking wieners than the men's room at half time.

Steven made a new friend. :)

Three guesses...

Bowling is always fun!

We brought home a new family member, Elvis.

What we think of all the UNhappy things of 2013.
He has my eyes, don't you think?

Have a very happy 2014!

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