Monday, March 3, 2014

It's Kind of a First-World Problem.

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The success Steven's had in PT lately, culminating in some strong stepping on the bars confuses insurance companies.

In order to spring for a walker, they would have to declare he's no longer in need of a wheelchair and stop paying out for the power chair, any adjustments or replacements, etc. since they're considered "forever" in the minds of the person in the dark corner of BC/BS who thinks of things to deny and ways to complicate things.

Don't worry, he's GETTING the walker.

I'm just going to be adding a name or two to the "Eat my shorts." list from last post.

It just never occurred to me the power chair was an admission of resignation for life.  It's a wonderful "problem" to have so much hope he'll be less dependent on it in time.

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