Thursday, November 7, 2013


A lot of my friends on Facebook have been posting daily updates on what they're most thankful for. I have two parts of me who need a whole lot more. It seems a bit early to break out The  Peace on Earth Christmas Picture, but I had to. ;)

Steven and his co-conspirator, the object of his torment and his undying devotion, Laura, are the best things in my life. She's the one person in the world who has his back with the same passion I do, and he's her biggest fan next to me.

There were times I felt such pangs of guilt for shortchanging Laura of time and attention due to her brother's needs, but little moments will stick with me forever that gave me a glimpse into her mind and heart.

(Brace yourself, Laura... it's about to get cute and mushy...)

One afternoon, when Laura was about eight years old, she came out of her room nearly in tears. Before I could ask what was wrong, she blurted out "If I'm with Steven and a bad guy tries to take him, I'll tell him 'Take me and leave my brother alone!."

We both started to cry as I hugged her and wondered where that came from. Apparently, they had gotten a talk on stranger danger in school that week, and she had been mulling it over for a while.

That's the way she's always been. When she was even younger, barely over two, she showed her empathy. I had been watching a heartbreaking movie about a homeless mother who had to abandon her daughter to get any help for her. My tears were flowing as my own little girl played contentedly by my feet.

She got up and went toward the back of the apartment without a word. She came back and handed me a square of toilet paper to dry my tears. You can imaging the waterworks that came from THAT.

She went back to fetch more, and emerged with a tile comet of TP that was still attached in the bathroom. :)

My Superhero

Best medicine.

It hasn't always been easy for ANY of us, but I'm so proud of the adults they have become. I have the satisfaction of knowing I didn't mess them up or scar them for life TOO badly... and I'll be leaving the world a better place for bringing them into it.

What else can a Mom ask for, when all is said and done?

*edited to add more cuteness*