Thursday, April 10, 2014

Birthdays agree with him...

Nobody loves birthdays more than The Chick Magnet.

He woke up ready to roll, tolerating my loud, off-key serenade like a champ. "I can't believe I'm 23!"
Guess what day it is... BIRRTTHHHHDDDAYYYYY!!!

Neither can I. I suppose I'll have to quit telling people I'm 29 now that my children are catching up.

With the promise of his choice of lunch and Cake after physical therapy, he finished browsing his collection of Facebook greetings and well-wishes by texts, I tore him away to go get his work in.

"I must have a lot of friends."

Yes, you do. :)

The traditional Hornbacher's John Deere cake.

Hard work stops for no man.

 He's making incredible progress at Rehab4Life. The fact he's surrounded by women there is just PART of his success.  He's got a fresh sense of determination these days I haven't seen before. Even when offered the chance to take it easier due to a mild seizure, he declined. This is the boy who used to fake a heart attack to try to get out of PT, to the point his nickname was Fred Sanford.

"I'm having palpitations, seriously!"

Well, son... now I have them. You amaze me.

Off for the Birthday Burrito at Mexican Village.

There was cake and reflection once we got home. He bravely fought off a nap as he browsed more greetings on his iPad, then opened presents. A nice, taunt-laden Skype session with Big Sister, and he was all but out for the count. Old men get tired easily, he opined.

The common theme for me that last few days (Chick Magnet Birthdays are basically a week-long event!) was how many times I heard "I love that kid!" and variations on "His smile makes my day!"

Mine too. :)

I found a bittersweet birthday picture while digging for baby pictures to embarrass him with on Facebook. This is the last birthday celebration he got to have with his father.

Party at Nettie's Diner.

Steven lost his Daddy just over three months later. Now that he's growing into a wonderful young man, I just KNOW his Daddy is watching over him with pride just like this.

Just like the rest of us...

Happy birthday, Chick Magnet.

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