Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hannity, a new high in lows.

This is an example of everything wrong with people.  The guest uses a hurtful slur, doubles down on it with a comment about Down syndrome ... and all they worry about is that they aren't "allowed" to use their preferred insults anymore due to "political correctness"?

How about human decency?

Couldn't he have said "That's not an acceptable word anymore." instead of "We aren't ALLOWED to use that word..."???

Oh, right... the mean people who care about our children and teaching them not to use words to hurt each other are trying to take your freedoms away.

I have a few words for you Mr Hannity and guests, but I think they may be too big and/or meidcally impossible for you to perform.

Hannity and his lovely guests. Click here.

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